Andrew Dobonga

Andy Doboga and his wife Rae were friends of Beth and Jack, as well as my Dad. This is a newspaper clipping that Beth forgot she had. She found it when going through pictures. 

They’ve both passed, but they always talked about what good friends Andy and your dad were and that they went in the service simultaneously. – Beth

I do know Andrew Doboga spent 20 years in the service, like your Dad. I don’t know about Jean. After Andy retired from the Navy, they moved back to Lisbon until their deaths. Andy was one of the funniest men I know. He was Slovak and he and Jack shared lots of stories about their heritage and they became best friends. They were like brothers and we miss the heck out of him and Rae. – Beth


Join Navy – John P. Elcik, son of Mr, and Mrs. John P. Elcik, of Main Street, Lisbon Falls; Andrew Doboga, son of Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Doboga, Sr. of Enterprise Street, and Jean P. Marquis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Marquis, of Maple Street Left Thursday to report to the Navy Recruiting Office at Portland, where they expect to leave for the Navy Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois. The three youths were classmates at Lisbon High School from which they graduated in June. – Newspaper