MyCousins Sources

Genealogists use a variety of methods and genealogical sources to conduct their research, including oral interviews, historical records (such as immigration records from Ellis Island), obituaries, census records, naturalization records, probate records, military records, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, church records of marriages and baptisms, and genetic testing. –

We have gathered, sorted, and preserved as many traditional sources as possible.  Because our interests are broad, we offer a selection of historical resources that help put our stories in a historical context.


8 Traditions Only Slovaks Will Understand
Slovak Folklore in Pictures
Wedding Traditions in Slovakia


What Did Kids Do on a Daily Basis in the 1800s?


1920-1945 – The Countryside at Midcentury
Lisbon Falls, Maine
Lisbon Falls Genealogy (in Androscoggin County, ME)
Maine’s Prohibition: 82 Years In The Making
World War I and the Maine Experience


Farming in Maine
Making Paper, Making Maine
Worumbo Mills, Lisbon Falls, ca. 1882


Steve Szabados Genealogy
Czech and Slovak Immigration to America
Religion in Slovakia