Beth Purinton Gamache

Beth Purinton Gamache

MyCousins – A Shared Journey

Beth Purinton Gamache

Co-Author, Genealogist,  Photographer


Beth’s parents were Norman Allan Purinton (1919-2010) and Alberta Phyllis Goddard (1922-2010).  She has 3 brothers, Carl R., Lewis G., and Allan N. Purinton.  She grew up in Durham, Maine, attended Durham Schools and graduated from Lisbon High School.  Beth graduated from business college in 1969 and was married to Jack Gamache that same year.  They have two children Loni Beth and Derek Gamache.

When their children were in 3rd and 5th grade, Beth took a job at the local elementary school as an Ed Tech in Kindergarten and spent 19 years doing what she loved.  She was known as Mrs. G. because the teacher she worked with was Mrs. Gamache, so they shortened her name to “Mrs. G.”  Mrs. Gamache is married to Dan Gamache, Jack’s 2nd cousin.

Beth’s Journey

Beth started her Ancestry journey after having found a 2nd cousin living in Bowdoin, Maine.  She never knew he existed only 5 miles from where she lived. Beth called him after visiting a cemetery and finding a poster with his name and phone # on it. They met at his house, and she discovered his mother had done some family genealogy, all handwritten. That was before existed. Her cousin let Beth bring home the album his mother created, and Beth’s interest soared from there.

MyCousins - A Shared Journey with Beth Purinton GamacheBeth spent the next 2 years working on her family genealogy. Beth started with the Purinton surname. She would add  Gamache, Elcik, Byrus family trees and eventually have six separate family trees.

A Shared Journey

Fast forward to 2020, and here she is, helping John write an eBook about the Elcik family.  (Her husband’s mother’s maiden name was Elcik.) What an interesting journey it has been.  Not only have our families traveled far geographically, but Beth Purinton Gamache has traveled far in her research.