Clyde R. Skillin, Jr.

Clyde R. Skillin, Jr.
Clyde Raymond Skillin, Jr.
Clyde Raymond Skillin, Sr.
Clyde Raymond Skillin, Sr.









This is one poem out of a collection of poetry written by my maternal grandfather that mysteriously were found in my garage.  Transcribing them from the original source documents will be a challenge. Many were written in pencil and the text faded as the paper has aged.  Grampa was an auto mechanic and some were written on the back of time cards.  – John, IV

Clyde R. Skillin, Jr.

July 6, 1931 – January 30, 1990

There is more to life than living
Living just from day to day
To thy neighbor be forgiving
So kneel to our Lord and pray.

That no matter what your sorrow
Or our burden or our care
We will find that each tomorrow
Sunshine greets us ever fair.

Sunshine that shines on another
Who may have his care and woe
But by knowing we’re his Brother
He may see the sunshine glow.

Glow that comes from only knowing
You have lent a helping hand
When the sky was far from glowing
And no one else could understand.

Understand that there are others
Who in life have had their pain
And who feel that they are Brothers
Making life worthwhile again.

Yes, there’s more to life than living
So let us give our very best
Be to everyone forgiving
Long we’ll sleep when laid to rest.

Written by
Clyde R. Skillin, Sr.