DNA Opens Doors

We have long thought DNA could be a breakthrough strategy for Elcik genealogy research, perhaps settling the issue of whether the Elsik and Ilcik families are related. It has. DNA has identified three cousins and raised new questions.

Our first exposure to DNA testing resulted from a 12-12 match between Judith C. Lakkis and our children’s DNA on Ancestry.com. By the time both parties are interested in a follow-up test, it is too late to obtain the DNA needed. The opportunity is lost for which I am responsible. The testing done suggests that Judith’s father, John Chester Spivak, with his Polish background, is a relative. I believe that they are family.

J.P.’s DNA test result shows he belongs to Paternal haplogroup R1b, The Artisans. He and our ancestors may have been responsible for the first cave paintings and probably lived in present-day England, France, Spain, or Portugal.  We have artwork of J.P.’s that supports the former. The locations are a surprise.

Michelle’s DNA test result shows she belongs to Maternal Ancient Ancestry haplogroup U, The Travelers. She and our ancestors were said to have lived and migrated far and wide, through western Europe, Mongolia, India, and north and northwest Africa. No, we do not think this explains her love for elephants. Aunt Kathy adopted an Elephant in her name, and that was the influence. Again, the locations are a surprise.

Jeff Elcik took a 23andMe DNA test. Through the 5th generation, our known ancestors came from the Czech Republic and Austria to the United States in the late 1800s. But our family background is more diverse than we knew.

As an example of diversity, we most likely had a third-seventh great-grandparent who was 100% Anatolian. 23andMe says, “This person was likely born between 1700 and 1820.”

So, what is Anatolian? Anatolia, Turkish Anadolu, also called Asia Minor, the peninsula of land today, constitutes the Asian portion of Turkey.

I once referred to my two Turkish friends on Facebook as Surname buddies as we share the Elcik surname. Today, I think they qualify as cousins.

Other DNA tests include two done by John and one by Pam.  Both Ancestry.com and MyHeritage tested John. Pam’s DNA test was with Ancestry.com. 

DNA testing promises a lot. Finding Judy, Zlatica,  and Earl have helped fulfill that promise.  Answering the riddle are the Elsik’s and “Ilcik’s” related is a huge fulfillment of the promise. The answer is, “Yes, we are.”