Elcik Ethnicity Estimate

The Ethnic origins data from three DNA tests offer interesting differences.  While we are European with a predominance of Easter European, there are surprises.

Eastern European

My brother Jeff took a 23andMe DNA test with a major surprise. Through the 5th generation, our known ancestors came from the Czech Republic and Austria to the United States in the late 1800s. But our family background is more diverse than I ever knew, because of two surprise findings.


Quoting 23andMe, “You most likely had a third-great-grandparent, fourth-great-grandparent, fifth-great-grandparent, sixth-great-grandparent, or seventh-great- (or greater) grandparent who was 100% Anatolian. This person was likely born between 1700 and 1820.”

So what is Anatolian?

Anatolia, Turkish Anadolu, also called Asia Minor, the peninsula of land today, constitutes the Asian portion of Turkey.

I have referred to my Turkish friends on Facebook as Surname buddies as we share the Elcik surname. In the eBook that I am writing called “My Cousins,” they are cousins. Wow! That’s nice.  Also, there are significantly more Elcik’s in Turkey than anywhere else in the world.


The 18% French with ties to French Canadians in Quebec must have some merit. It shows up in two tests. York (Old Orchard Beach) has long been a favorite vacation spot for Canadians. Perhaps this will make a connection easier to research.


Scottish, Irish, Jewish, and Iberian surprises come with a lower confidence factor that calls for additional testing.


John P. Elcik, IV



43% Eastern Europe & Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania

Eastern Hungary, Eastern Slovakia, Northwest Romania & Western Ukraine. Your ethnicity estimate is 43%, but it can range from 41—57%.

20% England & Northwestern Europe. Your ethnicity estimate is 20%, but it can range from 18—22%.

18% France. Your ethnicity estimate is 18%, but it can range from 0—34%.

12% Scotland. Your ethnicity estimate is 12%, but it can range from 0—12%.

6% Baltics. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Your ethnicity estimate is 6%, but it can range from 0—14%.

1% Ireland. Your ethnicity estimate is 1%, but it can range from 0—5%.

+ Southeastern Quebec French Settlers. You, and all the members of this community, are linked through shared ancestors. You probably have family who lived in this area for years—and maybe still do.


My Heritage

John P. Elcik, IV

40.9% Europe (Irish, Scottish, and Welsh)

30.0% East European

17.9% Balkan

8.0% Ashkenazi Jewish

3.2% Iberian

+ French Canadians in Canada (Quebec) and the USA (Maine)



Jeffrey Lee Elcik

49.5% Northwestern European, 49.5%

  • British & Irish, 26.7%, Greater London, United Kingdom, +9 regions
  • French & German, 12.5%, Grand Est, France, +3 regions
  • Scandinavian, 1.4%
  • Broadly Northwestern European, 8.9%

41.9% Eastern European

Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland, Hungary, +15 regions

4.3% Southern European

  • Spanish & Portuguese, 2.0%
  • Greek & Balkan, 1.3%
  • Broadly Southern European, 1.0%

3.6% Broadly European

0.5% Western Asian & North African

  • Broadly Northern West Asian, 0.5%

0.2% Unassigned