How Do We Preserve Our Family History? 

Genealogists have their role to play to preserve our family history for future generations.

We also have a role to play. And it is a vital role.

Fortunately, it is easier today than ever to do our part. Technology is the key.

Most of us will never build a family tree, write an obituary or give much thought to what our descendants will want to know about us. How we lived? What we believed. What did we do?

Perhaps you believe, as I did, that there is nothing left for us to do with all that exists on the Internet. And you might be right. But I don’t think we can count on it.

I recommend you download the treasure trove of information that Facebook and Google have on you and see that it finds a safe home. Then someday, others can use these archives to create, curate, and collaborate on archives for family and community.

Both social media giants keep information on you, which goes all the way back to when you first started to use the social network. This information should be the foundation of your family history preservation efforts. Click on either option to learn how easy this is to do.

Once the files are downloaded, periodically you should update them. I recommend every 3-5 years.

See that copies are placed in your safety deposit box with your valuables. Consider also who in the family is best suited to serve as a family historian.  Encourage them.