John Elsik and Mary Pelcarsky

John Elsik and Mary Pelcarsky - 1910 U.S, Federal Census

In the 1910 Census, John identified his surname as Elsik. Elcik is the spelling used for the rest of the family.  John immigrated in 1891 and Mary in 1896.

  • John Elsik was born in Austria on 06 NOV 1866
  • Mary Pelcarsky was born in Slovenia on 06 NOV 1870
  • John Elsik (1866-1941) married Mary Pelcarsky (1875-1936)
  • They were married in 1893.

There is a cherished family photo taken about the same time as the 1910 United States Federal Census.  It includes John & Mary Elsik and all seven children.

  • John P. Elcik, Jr. (1896-1963)
  • Michael Joseph Elcik (1897-1980)
  • Mary Anna Elcik (1899- 1982)
  • Andrew Elcik (1902-1995)
  • Annie Elcik (1905-1982)
  • Elizabeth Elcik (1905-1988)
  • Susan M. Elcik (1910-1977)

Annie and Elizabeth were twins. All the children but Michael were born in Durham, Androscoggin, Maine. Michael was born in Lisbon Falls, Androscoggin, Maine.

Both of my paternal Great-Grandparents died in Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine. John Elsik on 24 MAY 1941, and Mary Pelcarsky on 23 AUG 1936.  Notes written by Sylvia Adams include references to burial in St. Cyril Cemetery. These notes ultimately led to their gravestone location and a surprising connection between the Esik and Ilcik families.

John P Elcik Sr & Maria Pelcarsky gravestone