John Ilcik and Mary Jonek

John Ilcik (1886-1982) immigrated in 1905. His wife Mary entered a year later, in 1906.

  • John Ilick was born in Austria-Hungary on 16 MAR 1886
  • Mary Jonek was born in Austria-Hungary on 28 SEP 1887
  • John Ilcik immigrated in 1905 and Mary Maria Yonek a year later in 1906.

John Ilcik (1886-1982) was married to “Mary Jeho Zena Jonek” (1887-1951). Mary’s name, as reported on many public trees, is confusing. She did not have multiple marriages. “Jeho Zena” means “my wife” and is used on her gravestone at the Mount Calvary Cemetery in Lisbon Falls, Maine. Despite 17 years separating them in birth, some public family trees have confused Mary Jeho Zena Jonek with Mary Pelcarsky.

John and Mary Ilcik had four children.

  • John Ilcik, Jr. (1908-1916)
  • Andrew John Ilcik (1911-1951)
  • George Michael Ilcik (1915-1917)
  • Marie E. Ilcik (1919-2009)

John Ilcik, Jr. died young at the age of eight.  It is but just one example of the hard life our ancestors had.

Did the two men, John Elsik and John Ilcik, know one another? Durham was a relatively small community of 1,625 people in 1910 and, by 1920, the population had shrunk to 1,144 people.

Both John and Mary died in Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine. John Ilcik in 1982, and Mary Ilcik in 1951.

Census data is not going to be enough to solve this mystery.