Sylvester Moulton

The second story gives some family history of the house in which I grew up.  However, our young minds probably didn’t look at it from that perspective. We simply thought it was a cool story to repeat to our friends. This in the day and age of all those creepy Stephen King novels and such. Those were quite popular when we grew up. – Rebecca Kashmer Davis (Eliot, Maine)

Sylvester Moulton

Sylvester Moulton was a 7th generation descendant of Thomas Moulton.  He was born in 1819 and married Mercy Hammond. Sylvester and Mercy built an 8-room home in 1843-1844.  Sylvester and Mercy had seven children while making a living farming the land. Mercy died in 1887, and then Sylvester died in 1899 of a heart attack. A public viewing of his coffin took place inside the home.  This was a common way for the community to pay their respects.

Sylvester’s Home Became Mine

The Home of Sylvester Moulton

Sylvester’s home is the same house in which I grew up. It is located on Goodwin Road in Eliot (minus the addition circa ~ 1905).   My dad seems to think that the room used for the public viewing might have been considered today’s version of a mudroom.   In 1905, Sylvester left the house to his youngest son, Everett, and his wife Mary Forbes. They raised the house and added a bottom story. The room where Sylvester’s coffin was publicly displayed became the main bathroom on the second floor of the house.

The Cemetery

Sylvester Moulton - GravesiteSylvester is buried in the Hammond Moulton Family Cemetery just up the road from the farm.  In the early 1900s, a great iron fence surrounding the cemetery was erected.  During the 2010s, metal, copper, and iron scrapping became very popular for people to make a quick (dishonest) buck. Dreadfully, the fence fell victim and vanished late into the night by folks who had no care for the heinous crime they were committing.