The Great Indian Fighter

This is the first of two stories.  It is about a descendant who was a great Indian [I guess we need to be politically correct now? – indigenous] fighter. – Rebecca Kashmer Davis (Eliot, Maine)

Thomas Moulton

Thomas Moulton was born in Ormsby, Norfolk, England, around 1614.  He first settled in Newbury, MA (1637), then Hampton, NH (1639), and finally in York, ME (1654).  Thomas had seven children, one of which was Jeremiah (b. 1656).  Jeremiah and his wife had six children and lived in York, ME, at the Raid on York in 1692.

The Great Indian Fighter

This is where the story told to me starts.  During winter, the Abenaki Indians came in and surprise attacked the village, killing numerous settlers while taking many others captive.  The Indians killed Jeremiah and his wife while their young son Jeremiah (approximately four years old) watched.  Young Jeremiah was taken captive and sold to another Indian. He was returned roughly seven years later to York by his captive. Determined to destroy the tribe responsible for his parent’s death, Jeremiah enlisted in the militia. In 1724 the English sent out a force of over 200 soldiers consisting of Captain Moulton and surprised the village.  Captain Moulton gave the order not to fire until the Indians fired the first shot.  His men obeyed. Even so, Moulton’s men killed about half of the warriors. The chief and their women fled to the river during the fight. Captain Moulton was given the honor of achieving the victory.

Our Relationship

Captain Moulton was brother to Joseph and second-generation descendent of Thomas of York, ME.  My dad traces to Joseph Moulton, who is the 11th generation.