The Ilcik Family Story Revisited

What, if anything, have these discoveries to do with the efforts to link the Elsik and Ilcik Elcik’s?  The same team of investigators is at work, and Deeb obtains the baptismal records for the following children of Ilycsik Pál (Pavol Ilčík in Slovak) and Pelcsarszki Mária (Mária Pelčarská in Slovak).”

  • Ilycsik János (Ján Ilčík in Slovaki) baptized Mar. 10, 1885; as John P. Elcik died Sep. 5, 1962 at Lewiston
  • Ilycsik Mária (Mária Ilčík in Slovak) baptized May 18, 1889
  • Ilycsik Anna (Anna Ilčík in Slovak) baptized Sep. 22, 1891

Pavol Ilčík was another one of their children, as confirmed by his obituary, which gives his birth date February 15, 1896. As Paul Elcik, he died Dec. 23, 1970, at Lewiston.

We now have the proper surnames, dates, and location for the grandparents of myself and John Elcik of Rocky Point, New York.

Understanding the significance of these events will require more information, and we will get it.