The Pelcarsky Sisters

We now have a copy of the obituary for Maria Anna “Mary” Pelcarsky’s (my Great-grandmother). And she did have a sister: Anna (Pelcarsky) Karkos. This confirms my theory that there are two connections between the Elcik and Karkos families.

The revised story is that my grandmother’s sister Anna and her daughter Annie both married into the Karkos family.

  • Maria Anna (Elcik) Pelcarsky (06 NOV 1870-23 AUG 1936)
  • Mary Anna Pelcarsky’s sister: Anna Pelcarsky (17 SEP 1877-22 MAR 1940) married Joseph Paul Karkos (23 MAR 1867-21 JUL 1957)
  • Maria Anna (Elcik) Pelcarsky’s daughter: Annie Elcik (10 APR 1905-14 MAY 1982), married George F. Karkos (11 SEP 1899-07 APR 1965)

Terry L. Karkos commented, “Funny thing is, Joseph Karkos was 26 when he married 15-year-old Anna Pelcarsky. Wondering if it was an arranged marriage?”

There are other ties between the families to explore. One of the more interesting could be their involvement with Saint Cyril Methodius Church. Church records and newspaper articles are possibilites to search. – John, IV


LifeStory - The Pelcarsky Sisters, Mary Anna Elcik Obituary