Which DNA Test Have We Taken? Why?

The full review of DNA test kits is a link. We suggest you start there.

Best DNA Testing Kits for 2021 – Full Review of 19 DNA Kits

DNA Testing Options

$49 – MyHeritage, Reveal your Ethnicity & Ancestry

$99, $149 – Ancestry, Ancestry + Traits Service

$136.99, $159.95, $199 – 23andMe, Ancestry + Traits Service

$119, $249, $499 – FamilyTree Trace Your Paternal Ancestry With Y-DNA

Which test did we take? Why?

We have taken several.

  • Beth, Jack, John, JP, Michelle, and Pam have taken the Ancestry.com test. Always, if possible, take the DNA test from the same company where you maintain your family tree. 
  • John has also taken the MyHeritage DNA test. He was not pleased with the results. He had 4,793 matches, but only three were close or extended family. The rest are what they call weak matches. It also requires an expensive subscription to review the trees.
  • Jeff took the 23andme DNA test.

A common problem with all DNA vendors is finding your DNA results are not linked to family trees. Or if they are, the trees have not been made public.  There needs to be more education done to fix this.

The choice of where to take a DNA test and build your tree can get complicated. We maintain trees on all the major sites, so ask us questions. We may be able to help.

The better option when you seek a match between two living men is the Y-111 test. But the test is expensive at $249 each.

John P. Elcik, IV