Why Use Multiple Software Platforms?

Why Use Multiple Software Platforms? - Ancestry.com Why Use Multiple Software Platforms? - MyHeritage

We reach out to the family from multiple software platforms. We do this because we want to reach them wherever they are. Each platform has something valuable to offer us. Some like Ancestry and MyHeritage excel at using HINTS to give us new information. Others are specialty sites, for instance, FamilySearch and WikiTree. FamilySearch is home to the world’s largest online family tree. And WikiTree is, for us, a curiosity site that has attracted a lot of “genealogists.”

Why Use Multiple Software Platforms? - FamilySearch Why Use Multiple Software Platforms? - WikiTree

Our Use of Multiple Software Platforms

Here are some statistics that show our growing footprint on the Genealogy Stage. MyCousins exists on:

  • Ancestry.com with 5,211 people, 3,271 photos, 428 stories, 6,051 records, 28,575 hints
  • MyHeritage.com (online) with 241 people, 93 photos, 4,728 DNA matches, 3 close relatives
  • MyHeritage (offline) with 4,182 people, 1,083 family records, 312 source records, 541 note records, and 284 photos
  • FamilySearch.org (John-GWRX-FF6) with 317 contributions, 179 sources, 98 people (38 living), 40 memories, 3 documents
  • FamilySearch.org (Beth-G9FM-YSW) with 21 contributions, 4 sources, 17 people (all living)
  • Flash Drive with 33,941 files, 5,219 folders, 3,434 people, 8,016 source records, 16,183 photos

Obviously, we can’t be everywhere, and we can’t go into detail for every surname. However, MyCousins is home to Adams, Brekke, Byras, Del Moral, Duruea, Elcik (Elsik, Ilcik, Ilcsik, Ilycsik), Gamache, Grap, Gruhl, Karkos, Kashmer, Kinney, Lucas, McClanahan, McMahon, Portell, Plourde, Prosser, Pruitt, Purrington, Skillin (Skillins, Skillings), and Strand records.

Our Volunteer Genealogists

Above all, we maintain our trees and track others as follows:

Managed By Located at Ancestry.comLocated at MyHeritage.com
John Elcik, IVMyCousinsMyCousins
Beth PurintonByras






Goddard (with Croteau/ Dearnley)








Barry FlickingerFlickinger

Arran Adams

Arran Austin Adams


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