Yes, We Are Related

One of the larger goals of my ancestry research has been to see if we could establish a relationship between the two Elcik families, which I have been referring to as the “Elsik” and the “Ilcik” families. I have always believed we are related, but how?

The Story of Two Grandfathers

Specifically, I have been attempting to link my great grandfather with the great-grandfather of a different John Elcik. I live in Florida, and the other John lives in Rocky Point, New York.

  • John Elsik (1866-1941) married Mary Pelcarsky (1875-1936), through whom I (IV), Dad (III), and John (Jr.) descended. In the 1910 Census, John Elsik identified his surname as Elsik. Elcik is the spelling used for the rest of the family. John immigrated in 1891 and Mary in 1896. Ancestry and I agree that John Elsik is my great-grandfather.
  • John Elcik (1886-1982) married Mary Jeho Zena Jonek (1887-1951). John immigrated in 1905, and Mary immigrated a year later in 1906. He came to America through Ellis Island, and the name was changed to Elcik from Ilcik, as told to his grandson. His son, Andrew J. Elcik (1911-1995), married Jeannie Pascarella through whom many of the “New York” Elcik’s descended. This family includes my “New York” contact: John Elcik.

A Marriage Connection

We know for sure that there is a connection between the New York Elcik’s and us. [Thank you, Beth.] Their George Elcik (in the 1920 Census) married Jack’s father’s sister Anna Gamache. This would not be a blood relative, but it has been the best Beth (and I) could come up with.

A DNA Connection

Today, I decided to do some research on the DNA “finds” in my account. I search for the Elcik surname, and I get a hit for 1_jelcik.  The Family Tree associated with the hit has only two names, and one is private. The father of the DNA match, however, is shown to be Andrew Elcik (1911).  On our family tree, this DNA is that of John J. Elcik (1943-2018), father of John Elcik in Rocky Point, New York.

We Are Related

We have done it. The closeness of the relationship interests me, but the relationship alone is a win.  Bottom line, the Ancestry relationship calculator is now telling me that I am related to John in Rocky Point. He is my “great-grandnephew of husband of grandaunt.” I can almost understand this description.