We Have Traveled Far

MyCousins – We have Traveled Far

A history of the Elcik family from the 1880s to 1940

By Dr. John Paul Elcik, IV


Where do we start?

Reasons to Immigrate

Dangerous Occupations



Reasons to Celebrate

Slovak Heritage and Traditions


Did John Elsik Have a Brother?

Who are the Ilcik’s? Are we related?

Elsik/Ilcik Research Intensifies

The Curse of Spelling, Missing, and False Information*

What Ever Happened to Eleanor and Mary?

Are There Other Elcik’s to Discover?

Can We Break the Brick Wall of Europe?

The Ilcik Family Story Revisited

One More Thing

DNA Opens Doors

Yes, We are Related

What Does it All Mean?


John Elsik and Mary Pelcarsky

Joseph Elsik

John Paul Elcik, Jr. and Mary Byrus

John Ilcik and Mary Jonek

John Paul Elcik, III and Jacqueline Skillin


Contributors to “MyCousins”